Experienced problem solver

On the business level: my mission in life is adding value to the lives of others, through the complementary impact of software that is developed towards its end-user and (secondary) its owner. On a more personal front: I find true happiness in experiencing alike minds, learning from different ones, and applying the gained knowledge in a constructive, collaborative way.

I have 10+ years of extensive professional experience in developing innovative, complex web apps, object-oriented programming, performance optimization (both client and server) etc. I like to reuse existing open source software, but I also know when to develop vanilla code for specific functionalities.
Additionally I have 1+ years experience as the CTO for an SME and 2+ years CPO & CTO experience from three startups.


  • JavaScript (ES+; NodeJS, Vue, any)
  • PHP (OO)
  • (X)HTML(5), CSS+, SASS
  • SQL, Mongo
  • XSLT


  • PHPStorm / Intellij, Android Studio
  • Firebug, XDebug, Cachegrind
  • NPM, Gulp, bower, composer etc
  • VCS (Mercurial / Git)
  • Cordova / Phonegap, Xcode


  • Confident, competent & smart
  • Versatile thinker
  • Quick analyst, intellectually challenging
  • Independent decision-maker
  • Dedicated hard worker, independent and responsible
  • Strategic and imaginative
  • Honest, trustworthy, responsible and direct
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